What are you thinking?

What are you thinking? Do you think about future? Do you think about, what to change in your life? When everyday looks the same, then people are loosing sense of everything. Our brains are created to see new things and adjust to new situation. So we need changes, and especially, when we are from X-, Y- and Z-generation. Our parents or grandparents who are Baby boomers are directed on stability and success. They can work really hard to provide financial safety and stability. Is that, because they was raised by people who lived during war and economic crisis.

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Find place good for your health

Historical data shows, that even in ’60s most of people lived maximum in 8 miles from their parents’ homes. Reason why people was less mobile than today is well-known for everyone. They didn’t have phones, cars, Internet and cheap public transport. Today we need only one hour to meet the people, who are 30 miles from us, so distance is not problem in communication or relationships. Also if we or our parents needs help, then we have extended system of medical care.

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Cheap services are useful and trusted

People says that today we have market of information. Firms like Intel, Alphabet (Google) and Facebook earns billions every year and this amounts still growing. But don’t forget, that there are others branches, that growing too. Look at entertainment – more and more money is spent on computer games. The same with production – cars, electronics, food, household articles are cheapest and available for everyone as never in long history. And don’t forget about services.

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London is bigger than we can imagine

I remember my first visit in London. I saw old districts and historical buildings, later modern places with skyscrapers full of busy people from middle class and their expensive cars. After five years I survived home moves London and it was crazy. New place, new friends, new city and new life. But also I still remember stress and how many work do we had with transporting all belongings to new home. Parents was nervous and quarreled. Mess, work after job and tiredness may destroy even happy marriage.

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Do it yourself or hire removal company?

“I have problem, because I must to move from Hillingdon to Southal. I have large apartment with many things like old furniture, collection of vinyls, thousand books (some older than my grandparents) and many other stuff, that I want to save for kids and grandchildren. How to transport it without wasting the time?”

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Where to move for old years?

Inspiration for this article are my parents-in-law. They go retirement and thinks about removal to another place. They always dreamed about small single-family house somewhere on village, where is quiet, nature, horses and slow life. But from the second side – they are accustomed to living in London. They have close to everything: to medical care (this becomes important in their age), shops, restaurants, posts and banks. Eyesight of my father-in-law is not so good as was, so maybe some day, he will too blind to drive a car. So then public transport will be significant for him.

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How to prepare for new life

Changing life is the best start from changing own limitations. There is many books, how to do that. Seriously, I’m bad coach, so I leave psychology for better than me. But changing life really often means new place for home. Bad location of home sometimes brings bad mood for work and contacts with others. Also creates bad habits, so is worth to sacrifice time and look for better neighborhood for living.

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From city to city

Removal from one city to other may be very stressful. There is many reasons why: first is fact that never know, what will happen on new place. Maybe neighborhood will be unfriendly, even if looked good and nice. Changes always are stressful for us and this is reason why so many people stuck in the place and has boring life. Reason is also fact that this is complicated logistic operation.

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Why to think about before removal?

Changing home is a big experience, so many people feels during removal excited and stressed. This is threat for investment, because there is a lot of traps. When we make important decision, we must be calm and searching, because we don’t want to waste money. Finding new place is process, that should  last several month, if situation allows for it. When situation is critical, because old home burnt in fire or flood destroyed it, then we don’t have enough time, to search all offers – in this situation priority is to quickly rent a temporary house, and later find better.

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Moving company

Is not easy to move company form one place to other. This generates many problems with logistics, administration and clients. When company moves production machine, than production must stop and this mean double looses. Even more because: new building is investment and costs, transport, chaos in company, even if everything is done right, company can’t produce for a few days, must to take new orders with caution, because may not realize it, there exists risk, that machines will be broken after transport. So when firm moves their headquarters, must find good office removal services London. In next paragraph we will look some of problems.

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